Brighton Teething Necklace


    The beads are large enough to be grasped by small hands, making this multifunctional as both a teething necklace and as a breastfeeding necklace, giving the baby something to grip onto as they nurse. The silicone beads are soft enough for babies to chew on, soothing their need to teeth. No need to worry about how to keep your nibbling teething necklace clean, you can handwash it with dish soap, pop it in the dishwasher or steam steriliser

    Multi-faceted silicone beaded teething necklace
    Safe, break-away clasp
    Food-grade silicone beads
    Length: 80cm
    BPA-free, phthalate-free and non-toxic
    Suitable from birth
    Clean with soapy water, steriliser and dishwasher safe