Who made my clothes?


Fast fashion has wrenched the roots out of a skilled endeavour. At Sarka we believe in considerate business, and will not compromise on the quality of our clothing; quality which is born of having the highest ethical standards for the fabrics we use and the people who make them. The factory we use at Sarka London is right here in England, where the same family has run the company for generations.

The softness of our garments and their ability to withstand the wear and tear of new motherhood (and a 40 wash!) come from sourcing the highest quality fabrics. We have ensured breathability to accommodate for body heat fluctuations of new mothers, and long lasting softness and comfort for baby's skin and yours. We do this through sourcing sustainable fabrics knitted, dyed and printed in the UK - like modal, chiefly manufactured from renewable Austrian beech wood.

It's this commitment to the environment - people and plants - which keeps the quality of Sarka products high and the product itself sustainable for years to come. Colour retention, enhanced breathability, feels cool and dry to wear (important when breast feeding), long lasting softness and gentle on the skin, ensuring comfort for the sensitive skin of babies.