The Compromise Report

We know how many compromises women make when they become a mother. Some compromises we might be happy to make for this new little arrival, but some compromises can cripple a woman's sense of self. 

At Sarka London, we're committed to raising the issue of compromise amongst new mothers. We want to understand what you face, what you'd change, what you're happy to compromise on and what you're not. 

We'll be undertaking research across the UK - and eventually wider - in order to develop the Compromise Report - a rolling insight into motherhood today.

We know we can't solve for more than your style compromises at Sarka London, but please do sign up to be one of our Compromise Reporters, and we'll be in contact soon with a short questionnaire for you and any friends to fill out - the more the better. And with these insights, we hope to raise the issues of compromise and their impact on maternal mental health over the coming years. 

Let's together make the compromises more visible, and perhaps we can help to mitigate them for the next generation of mothers.

Coming soon!