Pants and skirts for a changing body

Every piece in the Sarka London trousers and skirts collection have been carefully designed to support in all the right places, in comfort. Whether you're nursing a C section or just want to feel comfortable and supported, our postnatal bottoms have your back(side).
Postnatal C Section Trousers in Black | Ada by Sarka London - Front View Postnatal Clothes - Trousers with Support - Adjustable Side Ties | Ada by Sarka London - Side View

Ada Tie Postnatal / C Section Trouser

Postnatal Clothes - Joggers with Support - Adjustable Waist | Boudicca by Sarka London - Soft Waist View Green Postnatal C Section Soft Joggers | Boudicca by Sarka London - Front View

Boudicca Postnatal / C section Jogger

Postnatal Soft Skirt in Grey Marl - C Section Support | Rosalind by Sarka London - Back View Soft Grey Postnatal C Section Skirt | Rosalind by Sarka London - Front View

Rosalind Tube Skirt

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