Cafes Without Compromise

Cafes Without Compromise


At Sarka London HQ, our customers tell us all the time that they feel a little bit anxious when they're about to step into a cafe they haven't visited before with their new baby in tow. Will the staff be kind about the buggy and requisite equipment? Will it be awkward with other diners?

This anxiety is heightened if you're breastfeeding of course; from a comfort to a discretion to a general 'will I feel welcome?' unease. Visiting new towns, perhaps with friends or family who don't have a baby, can be particularly stressful.

So we decided to try to address this. We've produced two simple endorsement stickers from Sarka London - 'BABY FRIENDLY CAFE' and 'BREASTFEEDING FRIENDLY CAFE' (as per the picture). We're asking cafes who welcome babies and breastfeeding to display one or the other in their windows, so new parents can feel immediately welcome. This will develop into a nationwide Google map application popping up our Sarka London-endorsed safe spaces for parents with babies. 

We're also asking our Sarka Insiders to tell us if there's a local cafe or restaurant (or even a shop or community centre) which they feel is worthy of the endorsement, to e mail us at to ask us to post out some stickers. 

If you have a venue you think you'd like other new parents to know is a safe space for them, let us know, stick one up and please tag us and the venue on Instagram @sarkalondon, so we can add it to our Google maps app we're developing. 

Nobody should be anxious going about their day to day life, so if this takes away one little compromise, it's worth us doing. Support us with Cafes without Compromise!