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Ingenious... on a mission to to change the face of mama style!

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Here to rescue you from remaining in your maternity jeans! 

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Mums should never have to compromise on style.

- London Metro Newspaper

Blog posts

Uncompromising Women

15 May, 2019

Uncompromising Woman #2 - Kat Hahn

In issue #2 of Uncompromising Women I interview Kat Hahn from London (via Germany). Kat is a mother of two and works as a Creative Strategist at Facebook and Instagram’s Creative Shop.

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05 May, 2019

Uncompromising Woman #1 - Annie Auerbach

We all make compromises when we become a mother, so Sarka founder Jules set out to interview women from all walks of professional life, to talk to them about compromise. We know Sarka can't help reduce compromise beyond returning them to their stylish self, but what other compromises do we face, and which have women accepted or rejected? 
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